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We specialize in beautiful concrete staining that looks modern and lasts a lifetime. 

Epoxy concrete coatings are the perfect flooring solution because of beautiful designs, durability and resistance to moisture.

We diamond polish your native concrete slab to your desired shine and finish. 

Nick Black
Nick Black
Great experience. They did excellent work.
Jessica Shirk
Jessica Shirk
These guys were punctual, and professional. I highly recommend them, and look forward to having them out for my patio next time around.
Kathryn Thorkelson
Kathryn Thorkelson
We are very pleased with our polished slab and appreciate the timeliness and professionalism. Throughout the process they kept us informed on any minor issues that our 50 year old slab might present as well as various options to address these. We got exactly the floor we were hoping for and we couldn’t be happier with it.
Daniel Crandall
Daniel Crandall
Amazing work! Couldn't be happier with the way our floor looks. Thank you!

Stained Concrete in Austin, TX

Concrete floors are known for durability and low cost and serve as the foundation of construction for most homes and commercial buildings. Think concrete, and you probably think rough, grey, and boring. Not anymore! At ATX Stained Concrete and Polishing we make it our mission to bring new life into concrete floors. The most durable and affordable flooring can now be attractive and customized!

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Home and business owners have relied on us to bring new life into their cement floors for the last decade. Our experienced team is composed of knowledgeable experts that delivers work that shines (literally). It’s no wonder we are the first choice for concrete staining, polishing, and sealing in Austin, Texas.

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Benefits of Concrete Floors in Austin

Concrete Floors are Environmentally Friendly

Polishing concrete is considered a “green” solution, as we utilize and ‘recycle’ old concrete foundations, minimizing waste and material usage. Harsh chemicals are not needed for polished concrete flooring, so combining our low VOC products qualifies commercial operations for points in most LEED projects.

Concrete Flooring is Creative and Attractive

What do we mean by creative and attractive? You are not limited to concrete’s natural grey color. As Austin’s concrete staining specialists, we have limitless options and colors that are chemically bonded to your concrete floors. From traditional earthy tones that are fantastic for commercial use to vivid reds, blues, and greens, concrete staining adds character to your home without sacrificing quality and durability.

Lowest Cost and Maintenance

The cost of installing polished concrete flooring is comparable to other alternatives, such as epoxy flooring or ceramic tiles. However, when maintenance and lifespan are factored concrete polishing is a much cheaper option. Learn more about the life expectancy of hard floor options for residential and commercial buildings. After you do that, give us a call today to schedule a free survey!

Austin's Concrete Staining Company

Staining concrete floors uses either chemical reactants or pigments and dyes to transform concrete’s color and aesthetic. A few of our most popular processes that achieve this look including acid staining (reactive staining) and dyeing.

Stained Concrete for your Home

Are you looking for new flooring and unsure of the best choice? With stained concrete, Travis county homeowners have an attractive, easy-to-maintain, affordable solution for flooring. Stained concrete floors last longer than other flooring alternatives. No more carpet cleanings chipped tiles or scratched hardwood floors. Austin homeowners have relied on ATX Stained Concrete for:

  • Concrete floors in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Stained driveways
  • Stained patios
  • Stained walkways or sidewalks
  • Stained garage floors or additions
  • Stained porches or fire pits

Is my concrete slab suitable for concrete staining?

We will have to take a look to be sure, but most slabs are great for concrete staining. The type of flooring you currently have in your home may affect the slab. For instance, tile leaves impressions on the concrete due to the glue used to apply the tile. Call us today and we will match a fit for your home.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Acid-stained concrete is different from dying or coloring concrete. Instead of ‘adding’ color to the top of a concrete surface, acid staining leverages a chemical reaction to bring brilliant colors out of your concrete slab. This permanent chemical bond runs 1/16” to 1/32” into your concrete slab, so the new natural color goes beyond just the surface. If your floor chips or cracks a bit over time, the underlying concrete matches the color and adds texture. Acid-staining concrete creates earthy tones that add a beautiful, natural metallic look.

Acid Stained Concrete Austin, TX
Acid Stained Concrete Floor

Concrete Dyes and Coatings

Mechanical (or non-reactive) staining includes dyes, sealants, and tented coating. These topical solutions are added to the top layer of polished concrete slab and deliver vivid color and great results. These liquid strainers are poured, sprayed, or brushed onto slabs. When comparing Acid Staining to other mediums, it’s important to consider non-chemical staining does not withstand wear and tear as well as acid staining. If chipped or cracked, the natural color of the concrete slab could show through.

Mechanically Stained Concrete Austin
Dyed and Sealed Concrete Floor

To achieve the best results for stained and polished cement floors, a professional company is required. The prep process requires expensive, specific equipment and the entire process is labor intensive. Determining the correct applicants to harden the concrete, fill gaps and imperfections and finally seal the flooring should not be taken lightly. The good news is you’ve found Austin’s professional stained concrete specialists. Call today to bring new life into your cement floor with staining and polishing.

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Concrete Polishing Austin TX


Polished concrete is not only durable and low maintenance but with modern technology has become an attractive flooring with versatility and creative design. Concrete polishing provides cost-effective floors for residential and commercial buildings alike, making it very popular in areas such as schools, malls, apartments, and even industrial buildings and warehouses. From foot traffic to forklifts, diamond polished concrete’s unmatched performance makes it a new favorite interior finish.



As Austin’s expert diamond polishing company, we have completed hundreds of commercial and industrial concrete polishing jobs over the last decade, spanning thousands of square feet varying from grocery stores to apartment complexes to large warehouses. Nearly all concrete slabs, new or old, can be polished to deliver new stunning flooring. Local businesses trust us to provide professional results, and we proudly stand by our customer testimonials. Whether you want a mirror shine from polishing or matted natural earth colors smooth as glass, Austin Stained Concrete and Polishing are here to serve. Below are just a few industrial jobs for concrete polishing.

Polished concrete is great for:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Museums
  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Car dealerships
  • Grocery Stores
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Casino
  • and More!
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Concrete Polishing Process

Diamond Polished Concrete goes through 6 to 12 steps depending on the state of the concrete slabs and the desired look. We expertly turn your dull concrete floors into a lasting shine. Below are some steps to expect, but procedures vary from one project to the next by the type of aggregate and state of the slab.

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Prepping floor: We start by removing all materials from the floor. Any paint, sealants, epoxy, and even carpet or vinyl floor.

Coarse Grinding: Using metal bonded diamonds, we smooth the concrete flooring. Process is repeated to expose aggregate if desired.

Apply densifier: Densifiers harden the surface. Densification allows the concrete to be polished and prevents future cracking and chipping.

Apply grouting: If any holes or imperfections are exposed in pervious grinding steps, grouting chemicals fill cracks.

Polishing: Using finer resin bonded diamonds, the treated concrete is repeatedly polished until desired shine. Each polishing is with a finer resin pad.

Staining or Dying: If color is requested, we can dye to stain. Take a look at our color chart for more inspiration.

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Epoxy Flooring AUSTIN

Epoxy coating concrete flooring has become very popular in recent years because of its durability and aesthetic. Looking for a concrete overlay that is stunning, but protects your concrete? Epoxy is abrasion-resistant, hard as hell, and has a long lifespan. Available as a clear coat or pigmented with color, the glossy finish is sure to bring compliments. Moisture-resistant and nonporous, epoxy is not only great for a stunning showroom for businesses but also great for areas that must remain sterile, such as food preparation areas.

Commercial Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy is perfect for heavy-traffic areas. Slip-resistant, water-resistant, stain-resistant, and chip-resistant, epoxy coat flooring is durable and affordable. ATX Stained Concrete specializes in commercial epoxy floors. Call us today for a quote!

Garage Epoxy Coating

Chip epoxy flooring is perfect for commercial and residential garages. Whether you're remodeling your home and want a garage floor that is beautiful and practical or you own a showroom and need a floor that is as stunning as your cars, epoxy garage floors are a perfect solution.

Austin TX Commercial Concrete coating
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Epoxy Flooring for Homes

Epoxy is not only great for garages, basements, and utility rooms, but new metallic epoxy is a gorgeous solution for concrete flooring throughout your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms shine like new with a fresh epoxy coating. Solid colors gleam, making a bold statement, while metallic marble colors add class to any home.



Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. If it’s time to replace the carpet, using your concrete slab for flooring removes the need to replace flooring in the future. No more dust mites or allergies from unseen dander or hairs buried in your carpet. No more professional carpet cleaning with the easiest floor option available today.

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